The Super-Rich Girl Beauty Tips!

Want to know a debutantes beauty advice? Want to look put together everyday?

-If you're having a bad hair day, spend extra time perfecting your makeup and nails to make up for the hair flaws!

-If you have a giant pimple or mountainous break out, don't wear a big statement necklace or the color black, they'll draw attention to the flaws on your face

-If you're a face picker (lets admit it...most people are!) only pop and pick at night after a hot shower. Picking first thing in the morning will irritate every pore, bump and lump on your face...and you don't want a red pussy face all day now do ya?

-When washing your body, brushing your teeth or cleansing your face remember: circular motions. Soaps respond to circular swiping better than scrubbing or lathering back and forth.

-Don't shave your legs before a pedicure, it might be a bit spiky but freshly shaved legs allows bacteria and germs to filtrate in your open leg pores.

-Don't be lazy! Read the instruction guide of all your beauty product labels so you know exactly what they recommend is best. You want to maximize the benefits of the product.

-Brush castor egyptian oil through your hair if you crave healthy and shiny locks.

-Pour 4 cups of wine into your bath tub, it will soften your skin!

-Dab some baking peppermint extract on your lips to get a poutier look.

-If you're aiming for a lighter natural makeup look, apply a light coverage of self tanner on your face/neck to even skin looks like you're wearing foundation every time!

-Professionally dye your eyelashes dark brown or black. Even though they're already dark, the dye will add a shiny dark sheen. On days when you don't want to put on mascara, it already looks like you're wearing it!

-Heat Jojoba Oil and massage it into your scalp.

-Want to know how celebs get shiny legs? Baby oil!

-Rub skin whiteners on the armpits if there's some darker pigmentation.

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