Best Food Blog Guru's!

These blogs contain a mixture of wonderful recipes, user-friendly features, cooking knowledge, food pornography and kitchen style! If you're looking for grocery inspiration, healthy living ideas or new meals, check these out!

Food Gawker
Twitter: FoodGawker
Specialties: This website is a constant feed of interesting high-quality recipes from every famous food blog. It's a one-stop-shop for all your recipe desires. They show the best of the best from all around the world so the recipes are diverse and creative.

Zoe Bakes
Twitter: ZoeBakes
Specialties: Homemade ice cream, pastries , book reviews

Baking Obsession
Twitter: n/a
Specialties: Custard/Mousses, muffins, scones, unique cookies (Wasabi pea chocolate shortbread cookies!)

This Is Why You're Huge
Twitter: tiwyh
Specialties: Fat-ass recipes, high calorie creations, eating competitions, fattening ideas, funky ways to clog your arteries
Website: www.ThisIsWhyYou'

Taste Spotting
Twitter: Tastespotting
Specialties: TasteSpotting is a visual potluck of recipes, product reviews, food stories and references.

For The Love Of Cooking
Twitter: 4loveofcooking
Specialties: Healthy Vegetarian and chicken

Little Nummies
Twitter: LittleNummies
Specialties: Nummies, little fun creative food parts, food on stick, holiday food decorations

101 Cookbooks
Twitter: 101cookbooks
Specialties: Natural cooking, healthy meals, whole foods, vegetarian

Real Girl's Kitchen (Haylie Duff)
Twitter: Hayliek
Specialties: Beginner, Simple snacks

The Pioneer Woman
Twitter: Thepioneerwoman
Specialties: Step -by- step picture demonstrations
Website: /cooking/

Follow them + invest your time in their recipes + Practice! = YOU WILL BECOME A GREAT CHEF!

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