When to Iron, Dry Clean, Air Dry, Wet Wash, Hand Wash or Steam Clothing!

We use our hard earned money on our beloved items in our closets and dresser drawers... Do you want the best bang for your buck when it comes to the life of your clothing?

Iron: Pressing. Steam is optional. Gets rid of wrinkles.
Dry Cleaning: Solvent chemical cleaning process instead of water, organic options, dry cleaners specialize in table linens, upholstery, bedding, vintage fabrics, leather, suits, suede, specialty fabrics, high end designer fashion, feathers, fabric restoration, stain removing, great for fabrics that shrink when wet, gets rid of body odors in clothes
Garment Steamer: Steams out wrinkles with heat
Air Dry: Great for delicate clothes. Hang or lie flat.
Wet Cleaning: Machine washing. Your normal washer then dryer cycles with many setting options for time/delicacy/press/heat levels/spin/rinse/sizing options.
Hand Wash: Fill up sink with hot water, pour in gentle detergent, soak clothes, knead the clothes in the water and lightly twist, drain sink, rinse clothes till the water runs clear (no more bubbles). Then hang dry, lay dry or dry on low heat.

When to Iron, Dry Clean, Air Dry, Wet Wash, Hand Wash or Steam

ACETATE: Dry clean.
ACRYLIC: Wet wash on warm setting, dry on low temp, iron warm
ALLO: Hand wash in hot water, hang dry
BEADING/EMBELLISHMENT/SEQUINS/METAL: Hand wash, dry flat. If you have to wet wash it then put garment in a mesh bag before putting it in machine
CASHMERE: Hand wash in cold water, air dry by lying garment flat.
CHENILLE: Dry Clean. Hand wash, hang dry, dont steamCOTTON: Wet wash, iron high heat, steam on warm heat, optional to starch shirt for stiff effect
CORDUROY: Dont iron
DENIM: Wet wash inside out on cold setting, hang dry
FELT: Hand wash in warm water, dry flat
FUR: Go to professional furrier once every 2-4 years. dont steam
KNIT: Hand wash, steam low heat
LACE: Hand wash or wet wash on cold setting and dry flat
LEATHER: Dry Clean
LINEN: Wet wash, iron warm heat, steam hot heat
LYOCELL: Wet wash delicate, dry low temp, iron warm heat
NYLON: Wet wash, dry low temp, iron low heat
PLEATING/RUFFLES: Steam on medium heat, iron on medium if pleats are all in same direction. Start where pleats begin and work your way down
POLYESTER: Wet wash, dry low temp, iron low heat, steam low heat, optional to starch shirt for stiff effect
POLYOLEFIN: Dry clean, do not iron
RAYON: Dry clean or hand wash in cold water, steam on cool setting
SATIN: Wet wash delicate cycle, no hot water, hang dry or hand wash but dont twist garment, iron low heat, do not steam
SILK: Pre-washed silk is wet wash-able. Read label. Dry clean or hand wash.
SPANDEX: Wet wash warm setting, dry low temp or hang dry, steam low heat
SUEDE: Hand wash or dry clean, no steam or iron
SUITS: Dry clean, steam, iron on low heat, steam medium heat
TERRY CLOTH: Wet wash warm, dry flat or low temp in dryer
TRIACETATE: Hand wash and hang dryVELVET: Dry Clean or hand dry, low steam
VINTAGE CLOTHING: Dry clean or hand dry cold water, dry flat
WOOL: Hang on padded hangers or fold. Steam them on medium heat, dry clean

--Separate your dirty laundry in 3 piles: Durable Whites, Durable Colors/Darks and NonDurable Delicates.
--Carbonation in seltzer water actually spreads out a stain, next time you spill on your clothes bring it to a dry cleaner. Don't pre-treat it at home!
--Garment steamers come with many different settings/attachments on them. Steam most of your clothes before you run out the door for a polished look!
--How to remove body odor from clothes: soak clothes in vinegar
--How to stop clothing colors from bleeding into each other: use vinegar or a color catcher

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