How To Make Your Perfumes Last Forever!

Lets face it, perfumes are extremely expensive for what they're actually giving you. Just a couple fluid ounces can put you back 150$ for a tinyass glass bottle. I was telling a friend about some of my high end perfumes, he asked about price ranges and then assumed all the hardware on these bottles was silver plated/gold plated at the least. NOPE! These bottles don't cost the companies much, the formula is the heart of the perfume. They also use glass bottling techniques that make the perfume quantity appear larger than it is. Also, the plastic or dinky metal spring and pump can often cheapen or break. Below are some tips on how to make these perfumes last forever. Perfume shelf life is only around 2-5 years, so lets stretch that out!

1. Don't leave your perfume in the sun or near a window. If you live in a humid, frigid or ocean climate...unfortunately your perfumes will be slightly affected.

2. Do not put your perfume in places where they can sweat and grow bacteria like a bathroom/hot shower area.

3. Extreme light (Artificial or sun) is bad because it changes the composition, balance and color.

4. A darker color bottle keeps the top, bottom and middle aroma notes longer. A clear bottle gets manipulated by light too often.Surprisingly the best way to store perfume is with the cap on as tight as possible and in the original box. Unfortunately we buy perfume so we can look at the pretty bottle on our vanity... but experts say keeping it in its dark box is best.

5. Dont let the perfume sit for more than a month without touching it. Give your perfume bottle a little small movement shake very once in a while. You do not want the product to settle on the bottom or separate from being stationary.

6. Room temperature is the best temperature quality.

7. Expensive perfumes will last a lot longer than a drugstore brand. The essential oils, minerals and quality of ingredients will stay longer than cheaper oil/water based scents.

8. Watch out for solid perfumes. The solid perfume is normally in a tin, therefore it stays cool but sticking bacteria fingers in the solid perfume harbors germs you don't want on your body! Throw solid perfumes away every 2-3 years.

9. If you have a low temperature chilling mini fridge, stick some of your low end perfumes in there to keep the freshness. Make sure the perfume is far from an odorous food and the coldest part of the fridge.

10. You want to prevent evaporation so keep the bottle tops sealed vacuum tight.

The Super-Rich Girl Must Have Perfumes!

One must smell good. Period. But nothing's worse than walking by a lady who REEKS of perfume and stanks up the entire block. Perfumology is quite intricate. You need to map out the right perfumes for each specific seasons, time of day and occasion. Perfumes also take lots of planning...try your best to only wear them on the days when you skip your strong smelling hair care items & fruity body lotions because having competing smells can get stinky!

1. Miss Dior Cherie

2. Chanel No. 5 Burberry Brit

3. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

4. Shalimar Guerlain

5. Burberry Brit

6. Coco Mademoiselle

7. Angel Thierry Mugler

8. Tresor Lancome

9. Fendi Palazzo

10. Versace Bright Crystal

11. Tom Ford Black Orchid

12. Jasmin Noir Bvlgari

13. Viva La Juicy

14. The One D&G

15. Dior Poison

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