Ways to Reduce Puffiness!

Ever look tired, dull, old, bloated, puffy, red or blotchy?

aubrey 1. WATER. I know your so damn sick of people saying it. But drinking 2 liters a day will change your skin dramatically.
2. Stick your liquid foundation in the fridge for 1 0 minutes before applying it.
3. All the anti-puff eye rollers are not 100% effective. I've used Olay, Garnier, Image Essentials and Loreal...the results are never physically noticeable...
4. Sleep on your back at night
5. Wash your face with cold water
6. Eye patches/retinal or ginseng pads
7. Cold cucumbers for 20 minutes before applying makeup
8. Put on eye/face cream 20 minutes before applying makeup because lots of ingredients in creams make foundation and concealer crease and slip
9. Herbal eye gel and serums.
10. Rubbing, in circular motions, a gentle anti-inflammatory cream works great. (The ones used for hemorrhoids are great because they alleviate the fluid build up) or Preparation H puffy eyes
11. Spoons! Put Spoons in cold water for 5 minutes, then place the back of the spoons onto your eyes.
12. Place a wet cold cloth on your face. Lay on your back and dont move your facial muscles for at least 10 minutes.
13. Soak an herbal tea bag in cold water then let them sit on your eye lids.
14. Do a Carb Free day once a week.
15. Create a cold compress of witch hazel and seltzer water. Place over your face morning and night for 20 minutes.

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