What Makes You Beautiful?

If you're a:

BLONDE: It's all about teeth. Get those braces, retainers, flossers and whiteners to improve your smile. (Great example: Emily Maynard from this seasons "The Bachelor" on ABC...her pearly whites make her face! )

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RED: It's all about the color outfits you wear. PLEASE gingers, stop trying to pull off warm reds, pinks, ambers and oranges. You need to contrast your bright and colorful hair with neutrals, jewel tones, cools and dark colors.

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GRAY/WHITE/MATURE: It's all about skin! Too pale, too orange, too pruney? Call your closest medical-spa to talk about skin pigmentation treatments, spider vein lazers, IPL, skin tightening, chemical peels, botox, juvederm, photofacials etc.... to get a glowy, polished, youthful look.

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BRUNETTE/BLACK: Admit it, Brunettes have to work harder to keep up with those bombshell blondes, so it's all about the properly trimmed and groomed brows and shiney hair. Bed head, dry split ends and unsymmetrical brows can ruin your overall look.

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Accurate Brow Shapes For Your Face!

Square, Triangular, Inverted Triangle, Diamond, Rectangular Faces: The goal is to have your brows be as curved and rounded as possible to add a softness. (also known as a Petite Arch) Oval, Heart, Round, Oblong Faces: Shape your brows with a sharp angle to fake a contoured appeal which will contrast with your fuller cheeks. (also known as a High Arch)

Brow Tips:
1. Eyebrow gel or trimming along the edges is a great way to make them stay in place all day long
2. For cryin out loud: PLEASE tint your brows if you dye your hair!
3. Uni-brow? Letting your brows grow close together actually gives the look of a long nose and a skinny face.
4. Focus on plucking underneath rather than above. If you continue this for a few decades, it will correct the brows to grow higher which means you wont need to shell out 10k on a brow lift when ur 50yrs old; they'll already be lifted and it will naturally brighten up and open those tired eyes!
5. The Kardashian trick: Buff a medium brown shadow in the divet and space where the inner part of your eyebrow meets the shaft of your nose.

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Designer Shoe Cleaning Tips

1. Don't wear them everyday!! Save your expensive shoes for special occasions!
2. Suede Material: Buy a waterproof spray, suede cleaning block, eraser on the back of a number 2 pencil and a suede brush.
3. Satin shoes can be cleaned with household stain guard.
4. Put tissue paper in the shoe so the shape is kept up. Brush any fur with a small tooth comb so the hairs fall the same way.
5. Wipe down sole after each use with a damp paper towel.
6. If the lining or stitch broke ship it back to the store for maintenance. Most luxury stores will make you pay shipping.
7. If you get caught out in the pouring rain take your shoes off, put them in your dry purse and go barefoot in the rain. It's fun and will save you from ruining leather, suede and hardware.
8. Air them out after use, but avoid sunny areas and heaters. Storing your shoes in plastic boxes airs them out more controllably then keeping shoes in dustbags.
9. Use a sharpee to color in any scratches and shoe polish to shine. Toothbrushes can help you when it comes to getting the grime out of nooks and crannies.

Do Your Christian Louboutin's Look Like This?

How to keep those red soles:
1. Cheap alternative: 3 coats of clear thick nail polish or top coat
2. Go to a shoe resole repairman/cobbler to get a sole-gloss glaze
3. Get a Vibram sole to put on the bottom of your shoe

How To Walk Easier in High Heels

1. BOTOX! Surprisingly most ballroom dancers and celebrities get 10-20 units of botox in each foot so the pain of their heels goes unnoticed.
2. Sleep in your heels to break them in two nights before you have to wear them.
3. Women are now going to the extremes of getting pinky toe liposuction or bunion correction surgery to fit in narrow italian designer labels like Ferragamo, Prada and Valentino
4. Foot/Toe acupuncture therapy to relieve the stress and pressure points in the feet
5. If you're terrible at walking in high shoes, go for a platformed, thick chunky heel/wedge, ankle straps so your balance is centered and secure. If the pain is what scares you, try out thin gel pads for the lining.
6. Walk in a short "heel, toe, heel toe" repetition.. Dont drag your feet or neglect to pick them up during your stride. Also take small steps and keep liquid bandaids, chaffing powder/creme or bandaids in your purse!

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