"F.I.T.S On ME" Guest Blog Feature

1. What can you creativity do with clothes that sit back of the closet because they don’t flatter or fit well?
Usually if something doesn’t fit well, I can get it altered to fit. Let’s say your clothing is outdated or too big, opt for Goodwill or bring it to a clothing swap event.

2. How can a budding fashionista learn more about style and their own fashion identity?
I think that each person has a different style. As you get older your style will change. You will learn what looks right on you with trial and error. Wear the outfits that bring out happiness and confidence.

3. What are favorite clothing staple must-have items?
My clothing staples are blazers and A-line skirts. A blazer can go a long way, it’s a much needed piece for the closet, you can literally wear a blazer with casual day wear or professional work attire. An A-line skirt is great to wear with a nice tee or collared button up.

4. What are some acceptable fashion risks to take?
I take a lot risks by wearing what I’m feeling in the moment of each day. Here are five fashion risks that I’ve taken which include:

1. Mix and match prints: When I mix and match prints, I try to wear similar colors from each pattern. I do mixing and matching with a chic eye in mind....I dont want to appear like I tried too hard or look overly tacky.

2. Show off some skin: My motto is to show enough skin but not too much skin. I love when tops have a conservative front, and the back is unexpectedly back.

3. Statement pieces: I love wearing statement jewelry. It completely changes a look and the tone. If I do wear statement pieces, I don’t wear them all at once hyper-layered. Pick one that stands out or pertains to the specific garment look. (If multiple pieces are too overpowering, you’ll look like MR. T.)

4. Add a head accessory: Especially during the summer and winter, I can’t deny wearing hats! It's such a perfect accessory to a plain look. If you want to be more eccentric, add a head wrap or scarf with a little bit of hair bangs. It will be quite the head turning ensemble.

5. Neon: If you have been following my blog. You know, I wear a lot of neon; I think I might even be obsessed with neon. It just looks good on me, and I love how it makes neutral colors pop. A pop of color goes a long way.

5. Some days girls will get dressed and feel like, “ahh, I have nothing to wear!”. What’s your advice to conquer that and build a better relationship with one’s wardrobe? My philosophy is there’s no such thing as, “I have nothing to wear”. Allow yourself the ability to continuously think of looks that have not been created. Usually when I feel like, "I’m having a clothing block", I turn to inspirations like polyvore or magazines to get my creative juices flowing. To build a better relationship with your wardrobe, buy pieces that will add to your wardrobe and not detract. Also define what’s the dress code? If all else fails, go for the poised angle and wear a little black dress with some classy accessories.

To hear more tips from Fit's On Me blog fashionista, head here: http://fitsonme.blogspot.com

Health Documentaries

Years ago I organized a list of what health documentaries I wanted to watch because I like to stay informed, erudite and aware. Let's face it...my generation is the era of lazy. Instead of hands-on or book-studying, we head to Youtube for a how-to-tutorial video. If I ever had to change a tire, I sadly would watch a step-by-step video instead of asking a mechanic. There are many informative good documentaries about global and domestic health issues (but also many low-budget narrow minded BAD ones.) After reading reviews and hearing recommendations, I complied a list of some of my favorites! (Does anyone else organize movie lists? or just me...)

-Simply Raw (Diabetes reversal)
-Supersize Me (McDonalds)
-Forks Over Knives (Rejecting processed foods to control disease)
-Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (Benefits of juicing)
-Food Inc. (USDA/FDA Failures and food corp. control and corruption)
-Inconvenient Truth (Global warming)
-We Are What We Eat (Ecological Illiteracy, cheap foods)
-The Future of Food (Genetic engineering in food)
-The 11th hour (Global warming)
-Food Matters (Fast food, pharmaceutical industry)
-Food Fight (Food politics)
-Ripe For Change (Fossil fuels, genetic engineering in food, education in public schools about gardening/health)
-The Real Dirt on Farmer John (Recessions effects on farming)
-Tapped (Water contamination, dangers of bottled water/water politics)
-The Price of Sugar (Slavery in sugar industry)
-Sicko (Healthcare)
-SuperMarket Secrets (Prices & supermarket lies)
-inGREEDients (Chemical additives in food/FDA corruption)
-Fresh (Chemical Agriculture, obesity epidemic, pollution)
-Fast Food Nation (Corruption in fast food production)
-Processed People (Medical, health, food, media processing)
-A Delicate Balance (Vegetarianism could save the world)
-Killer At Large (Obesity, nutrition, politics and social effects associated with epidemic of American obesity)
-XXL (Obesity)
-Vegucated (Three people taking 6 weeks to get healthy)
-May I Be Frank (Transformation of a mans journey losing weight by organic food and juicing)
-Super Slim Me (Dawn Porter journalists quest for size 0)
-Bigger Stronger Faster (Steroid abuse and health)
-Hungry For Change (Making healthy choices. Food lies and dangers. Detoxifying body)
-Fresh (Growing food)
-Dive! (About people who dumpster dive and find gourmet and nutritional food)
-Plastic Planet (Dangers of plastic in our lives)
-Farmageddon (Farms that were forced to make food less healthier)
-THIN (Eating disorders)
-Dying To Be Thin (Eating disorders)
-Dirt (Farming coroporations)
-Bananas! (Corruption of banana farming and sales)
-A River of Waste (Hazardous facts about farm)

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