The Socialite Guide!

Steps to become an it-girl debutante socialite! My definition of a true socialite is below:

1. You need a prominent respected name that stands out, obtains legacy, famous family lineage or status.

Example: Dabney Mercer and Tinsley Mortimer (both unique names!) are descendants of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Patrick Henry. So really helps to be born into wealth. Their parents are well established in the upper class region of Richmond VA and NYC. George Riley Mercer Jr is a real-estate investor and their mother, Dale Mercer, was an interior designer. Their grandfather founded Mercer Rug Cleansing company. Tinsleys ex-husband Robert Topper Mortimer is from one of New York's oldest high society family names.

Example: Having a famous old-money last name with a reputation in a specific work field can really real estate, oil company, investment banking, lawyer, doctor, hedge fund, stock broker and investors.
Hilton (Hotel)
Baruch (Stock Market)
Higgins (NY Real Estate)
Astor (Real Estate)
Du Pont
de Ferreis
Johnson (Johnson&Johnson)

2. You need a note-able private school education and a degree from a distinguished ivy or top 100 rated university. Example: Olivia Palermo, who actually went to school with my sister, attended the prestigious St. Lukes in New Canaan, Connecticut. Tinsley Mortimer graduated from Columbia University.

3. You need to be classy, polished, cultured, proper, well-dressed, fashionable and well-educated in your field (whether that be fashion, pr, modeling, design, event planning, art etc) Etiquette and elegance is a must. I know Paris Hilton was a former socialite but it's hard to label her as polished and proper with her arrest records, drug busts, partying stereotype, sex tape etc...Life happens, experimentation is normal...a rebel phase is fine but try your hardest to carry your family name and self-identity with pride and respect. A socialite is a role model. Avoid scandals or planting too many fake scandals/paparazzi Kardashian-style. Look your best: Celebrities claim that the best presents they've ever received were make-up lessons...why? because your glamsquad isn't there 7 days a week...learn the tricks!

4. You need to take speech and acting classes to learn how to converse professionally so you can connect and social-climb smoothly (you don't want to make TOO many enemies!) Being fluent in multiple languages is a plus! If you don't know how to converse easily, then you wont be good at self-promotion. If you want to befriend famous people, other socialites, gurus and and have a talk-ability quality that is sophisticated. People need to admire you but also be jealous of your lifestyle. Belong to all the hott country clubs, get invited to all the hot events, eat at the ritziest restaurants, vacation like royalty...

5. Land solid internships and jobs that give you recognition in your field. Whitney Port worked for Teen Vogue which gained her hundreds of industry networks and launched her career. Resume building early-on is key! You can work all your life building up to apply for a job at a luxury brand or magazine but if you have a familiar family name or'll be more likely to nail the position.

6. Be a marketing genius. Self-branding! Get yourself on the VIP lists, in the address books of designers, invited to fashion shows, donating in your name to charities, facebook friends with empire heiresses and on the gossip columns of Page Six or Be seen all over...Vacation your butt off because the new era of socialites are well-traveled in exclusive locations; Milan, Saint Tropez, Mustique, Monaco, Nantucket, Hamptons, Montawk, Boca Raton, Swiss Alps, Paris, Kathmandu, Saint Barthelemy, Aspen, Lake Como, Bora Bora, Mallorca, Dubai...the list goes on...

7. Have a long-term business plan... The moment that takes you OUT of the socialite status and into the celebrity working status is when you finally establish your brand and get your empire going. Kim Kardashian is not considered a socialite anymore, that was a decade ago pre sex-tape/endorsements/reality show etc...

8. Hire staff. Socialites need backup...PR manager, assistant, fashion stylist, social media intern, housekeeper, agent... Also, have these people on your speed-dial: driver, glam squad (hair/makeup/nails/airbrush tanner), your lawyer!, tmz, fashion designers etc...

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